PointAbove offers a dynamic range of leadership programs, executive coaching, and private consulting designed to help you navigate challenges while facilitating growth and positive change. Our strategies will help you clarify visions, beliefs, and values while strengthening capabilities – enabling high performers to uncover full potential. In short, we enable individuals and groups to move from where they are to where they want to be.


Build Your Team


PointAbove provides the highest quality, most effective leadership development programs available today – each customized to address the particular goals, needs and challenges of your organization.


Executive Coaching

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PointAbove’s coaching practice is centered on high potential individuals performing leadership roles. We coach on your life experiences and challenges along with your organization, its culture and your specific working relationships.


Change Management

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PointAbove provides unbiased expertise which helps stakeholders make intelligent business decisions. We are particularly adept at providing insight to gain the full potential from your greatest resource – your people.


At PointAbove, we don’t have a standardized “10-step program for success” – (frankly, if that worked, you could just read a book). Instead, we take a look at the “whole you” – not just the parts you or your organization want us to see. We create individualized programs just for you based on your life experiences and challenges along with your organization, its culture and your specific working relationships – all the dynamic parts contributing to your current situation. Most importantly, we provide considerate, confidential coaching that produces lasting results.

We are passionate about our work and compassionate about those who work with us. We understand that there is a sacred trust to put faith in your outsourced development team. We work hard to ensure that each person receives expert guidance – getting more from their efforts, their career, and ultimately their life.

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”

        —Warren Bennis

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