If you’ve ever asked yourself what coaching is all about, you’re definitely not alone.

The origins of coaching date back to the 1940’s, but it’s only been within the past few decades that coaching entered the mainstream. Originally used in sports training and elite organizations, coaching is no longer confined to Olympic and professional athletes, Fortune 500 executives, or high performance teams.

Our working world is changing. Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or a solopreneur, competing workplace demands, technology enabled remoteness, and 24/7 data driven behavior is affecting us all.

Career success (and life success) today requires us to be more nimble, autonomous, creative, and entrepreneurial than ever before.

And so it stands to reason that more and more professionals are coming to understand that in order to live successfully on their own terms, relying on a coach for guidance and feedback is an excellent strategy.

What Exactly is Coaching?
Benefits of Coaching
Coaching vs. Therapy


Are you someone who is regularly trying to improve yourself?

Are you always on the lookout for answers to being more productive, making better decisions, or just gaining more insight into the challenges you’re currently facing?

You’ve invested time and energy in the popular best sellers, watched a fair number of videos, and even attended seminars and conferences (not to mention the occasional creatively worded Google search) only to find “general” principles and stories – it’s good info but it’s not always actionable. And what you’re really wanting is something more granular. More… you.

We know how you feel because we’ve been there too.

It’s Time to Try Something Different.

If you don’t think there is more out there for you, you don’t need to read any further. If you’re looking for someone to tell you what to do, engage a consultant.

If you’re looking for deeper meaning, faster action, more confidence, increased awareness, the truth that others won’t or aren’t telling you, or ideas for ways to improve that you may not be seeing, then keep reading. You’ve come to the right place.


Not Sure?

Here’s some of the reasons that high performers work with a coach:

Addressing Uncertainty

Do you sometimes feel… well, stuck? You’ve got a decision to make – reassign an employee or let ‘em go, expand or go back to the basics, recapitalize or reign in the budget – or perhaps you’re wanting more purpose, you’re “successful” but unfulfilled, or you’re feeling alone in your dilemmas – anything. You’re thinking you should go ahead but that critical voice in your head has other ideas. “What if you do it and it doesn’t work?” it says. Then, “What if you don’t do it and regret it?” “What will other people think?” “What will they say?”

A coach will help you build awareness – getting to the “things behind the things” – to help you discover what’s important to you about this decision, what you’re trying to tell yourself, and how to design your next actions.

Starting Something New

Perhaps your vision involves leading an affective team, succeeding on a particular project, or gaining growth in a particular industry. Maybe it’s about understanding how to get to the next level in your career, how to change careers all together, or just figuring out how to get moving again because you’ve been stagnant for so long. When you have a coach, you’re vision of success becomes our vision of success.

Sometimes through coaching you find out that your goal was not really yours, in fact you were just reacting to what someone else wanted and you end up determining what you really want. Sometimes it’s just a matter of working out the steps to reach the goals you’re after. Sometimes it’s a process of learning how to motivate others or motivate yourself.

When you have a coach you gain an unbiased, business-minded thought partner. Someone who can help you brainstorm, provide guidance, and make you or your team accountable to take action in order to gain results.

Wanting Clearer Vision

Maybe you don’t know what move to make next. Or maybe you know exactly what you want to do but you’re just not clear on the specifics, or don’t know how to get there. A coach will help you sort out what your personal values are (not the buzz-word stuff or ideals you’ve inherited or the well-rehearsed advertising copy your organization promotes) and when you get clear on those, you’ll gain meaningful, well-grounded points that will allow you to navigate a more true course.

Needing New Patterns

Maybe you’re clear about what you want and where you want to be, but you continue falling into the same ol’ comfortable patterns. What you need is that little something extra to empower or sustain your commitment to making your dreams a reality.

You know (at least intellectually) that when you have to get different results, you need to take different actions. But that’s stressful. So while you’re making progress, you also occasionally give in – compromising or “making a deal with yourself” – and fall back on familiar habits which sometimes slows things down. It is human nature for our minds to try and keep us in our comfort zone, which is why it’s necessary for those who want to push their limits to seek accountability.

You want results? A personal coach is how you get them!


What’s Stopping You?

So ask yourself now, what is stopping you at this point from hiring your personal coach? Here are the things we typically see that get in the way:

Thing #1: I don’t have the time

This is a favorite excuse for not signing up for the gym or taking those lessons to learn that thing you’ve always wanted to try – but not that relevant to professional development. You’ll typically spend an hour every other week (2 hours per month) talking with your coach. And let’s face it, you’re already spending more time than that being unproductive, lost in thought, searching for answers, talking to yourself or draining others, as you attempt to “deal with it.”

Thing #2: Coaching is just another word for “therapy”

There’s nothing wrong with therapy, it’s just not what we do. Two distinctions:

  1. Therapy generally looks to correct something to return you to normal functioning. Which is great… if you need it. Coaching, however, is about excelling.
  2. Therapy helps you uncover and heal issues from the past. Coaching is focused on your future. We’re interested in where you are now and where you want to go.

We don’t think there’s anything wrong with you. There’s nothing to fix. And we won’t ask you about your relationship with your mother.

Thing #3: I’m not deficient. Only weak people need a coach.

Not so much… Think about it. Olympians, professional athletes, even chess players… Every world-class performer uses a coach.  Why? To get faster, stronger, focused, more agile – to find that edge – the differentiator that allows them to outperform everyone else.

Coaches offer a unique perspective. They look at things from a different (impartial and unbiased) point of view to offer insights you can’t get working on things alone. According to the Harvard Business Review, the top 3 reasons that coaches are engaged: Develop high potentials (48%), act as a sounding board (26%), address a derailing behavior (12%).

Still Not Sure?

Are you still just thinking about it? Want to sit back and compare the pros and the cons – try to come to the right decision?

Here’s the problem:

Your “thinking,” self-talk, and analysis provides an illusion of confidence, but in the end, the only real way to know if something was the right decision or not is to… 


Stop thinking. Start doing.

Still feel too risky? Afraid you might “fall for something?” Fine.

We’ll provide an hour of coaching for FREE.

That’s right, we will pick up the tab for your first coaching session. If after your first session you don’t believe having a personal coach would be of significant benefit to your future, don’t schedule another session. You’re not obligated to continue and you’ve lost nothing – but at least you’ve given it a try.

There’s nothing for you to lose.

Remember: Our goal is not to coach you forever. We want you to get results, reach goals, hit objectives, and live more of the life you want to be living.

But you can only get there if you get started!

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Coaching for a PointAbove

At PointAbove, we don’t have a standardized “10-step program for success” – (frankly, if that worked, you could just read a book). Instead, we take a look at the “whole you” – not just the parts you or your organization want us to see. We create individualized programs just for you based on your life experiences and challenges along with your organization, its culture and your specific working relationships – all the dynamic parts contributing to your current situation. Most importantly, we provide considerate, confidential coaching that produces lasting results.


…are successful, high-capacity, high-achievers. They operate in environments in which the expectations for results are always rising and always changing.

They often report:

  • Liking the ability to meet challenges head-on, but often find themselves caving to increasing job demands.
  • Feeling misunderstood or not valued by their manager and/or their organization.
  • A diminishing sense of purpose in the work they are doing.
  • Staying just ahead of burnout and resentment with an increasing suspicion that they are missing out on other opportunities.
  • A desire for knowledge that, along with simple, practical and applicable techniques, will help them align their work and their lives with results that matter most.