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Building a cohesive, well communicative, project focused team can be one of the hardest tasks assigned to a leader. It’s not easy to take a group of people, with different personalities, different motivations and different ideas and have them move in the same direction. Each employee usually has a different idea of the “right” direction, and most of the time each person has their own agenda for getting their own tasks completed because it’s what they are responsible for.

PointAbove works with groups and teams to help them harness their power to help one another. Learning takes place over time. Our engagements involve meeting on a number of occasions and provides the opportunity to sustain and build on previous learning, individual reflection, and actual team/group interaction. What is so distinctive – and so powerful – about group and team coaching is that the relationship is multiple. Each member of the group relates to the coach, to each other, and to the team as a whole – with all of the added learning, creativity, flexibility and support involved. Put simply, Groups and Teams are essential to the development of effective leadership.

Demonstrate the importance you place on continued development by providing a unique “employment benefit” for your team by following the easy steps below.


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We’ll review the info you submitted and set up a time to gather any additional information that might help us better understand your needs. In the meantime, should you have any questions (or if you just prefer to talk things over), feel free to call us at 1-888-502-5302.

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We’ll Send You a Proposal

No hard sell… just a simple proposal outlining:

  • Objectives
  • Metrics, Value & Impact
  • Actions, Materials & Options
  • Timing
  • Joint Responsibilities
  • Costs

Group & Team Coaching:

check-mark-redInvolves a small group (4-12 people)

check-mark-redTakes place over time

check-mark-redHas a goal/focus set by the group, team, or organization

check-mark-redInvolves some face-to-face engagement

check-mark-redRequires active interaction between participants

organizations-title-2…are high growth organizations with a strong sense of mission. They believe in their people and want to provide continued development and career opportunities.

They often report:

  • Operating in a rapidly changing competitive environment where the performance bar continues to rise.
  • Desire increasing innovation, productivity, and bottom-line performance while reducing costs related to hiring and retention in highly competitive talent markets.
  • Prioritize increased accountability, being clear about outcomes, making timely decisions, and correcting mistakes.
  • That inter-personal communication and individual insecurities sometimes delay or threaten team performance.
  • Seeking solutions and opportunities to differentiate themselves from their competitors.