… one that offers too much potential to be tethered by routine or trapped by ordinary.  We don’t do ordinary.

PointAbove is a place where high-achievers meet, connect, and contribute to one another’s success. Our unique peer network provides a channel for staying current on tools, trends, and insights along with practical ways to apply them day-to-day in your business and your life. We’re Explorers who believe that you can choose to be consumed by modern day living or you can choose instead to challenge it. Together, we’re reaching for a PointAbove.

Entrepreneurs & Influencers

Services and Strategies for your personal and career goals.

Groups & Teams

Services, Programs and Workshops to empower your team’s achievement


Strategic & Tactical Advising/Consulting to reach organizational objectives.

Running a business requires more than just your time…

…it steals your attention, dulls your creativity, and stalls your success.

In addition to hosting this virtual “base-camp,” PointAbove offers a dynamic range of business services to help you navigate these challenges. Whether a start-up or decades-old operation, PointAbove collaborates on content and actions that shape organizational identity – enabling high performers to uncover their full potential. In short, we empower individuals, groups, and organizations to move from where they are to where they want to be.

To see what working with us might look like for you or your organization, please

At PointAbove, we don’t have a standardized “10-step program for success” – (frankly, if that worked, you could just read a book). Instead, we take a look at the “whole you” – not just the parts you or your organization want us to see. We create individualized programs just for you based on your life experiences and challenges along with your organization, its culture and your specific working relationships – all the dynamic parts contributing to your current situation.

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