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Helping leaders define and pursue a cogent strategy by setting priorities, focusing energy and resources, strengthening operations, establishing agreement around outcomes, and working towards common goals.

PointAbove offers a dynamic range of executive coaching and private consulting designed to help you navigate challenges while facilitating growth and positive change. Our strategies will help you to clarify visions, beliefs, and values while strengthening capabilities – enabling high performers to uncover their full potential. In short, we empower individuals, groups, and organizations to move from where they are to where they want to be.



Helping influencers achieve meaningful impact. We’ll provide the insights necessary to better assess opportunities, identify gaps, and develop the most affective path forward to achieve results. Whether a start-up or decades-old operation, PointAbove collaborates on content and actions that shape organizational identity – crafting tailor-made strategies for your target audience that are grounded in analytics and common sense. Our focus ares include:

  • Communication Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Assets / Graphic Arts
  • Strategic Partners

  • Brand Management
  • Operational Effectiveness
  • Change Management
  • Customer Strategy & Marketing


Spending a lot time wanting things to be different than they are? 

You’ve invested time and energy in the popular best sellers, watched a fair number of videos, and even attended seminars and conferences (not to mention the occasional creatively worded Google search) only to find “general” principles and stories – it’s good info but it’s not always actionable. And what you’re really wanting is something more personal… more… you.

We know how you feel because we’ve been there too.

At PointAbove, we don’t have a standardized “10-step program for success” – (frankly, if that worked, you could just read a book). Instead, we take a look at the “whole you” – not just the parts you want us to see. We create individualized programs just for you based on your life experiences and challenges along with your goals and desires– all the dynamic parts contributing to your current situation.

Sometimes we know exactly where it is we want to go with our lives, sometimes we don’t. And sometimes we know we aren’t happy but don’t know why. Coaching helps reframe what you want, why you want it, and how you can get it.

Sometimes we feel disengaged, disenchanted, and uninvolved in life. Our passions dull and our pursuits become draining or unrewarding. PointAbove coaching emphasizes positive experiences and emotions, exploring and strengthening your self-knowledge to empower paths in line with your true self.

Most of us spend a great deal of time lost in thought – we replay discomforting situations from our past and we obsess, worry, grieve, anger, and imagine the worst happening in the future. Mindfulness breaks this habitual thinking, allowing us to examine who we are, question our view of the world and our place in it, and develop an appreciation for the present moment.

Let’s face it: things change. Projects, relationships, jobs, roles, and even entire careers come to an end. You know it’s time for a transition… still, you’re not sure where to start. PointAbove coaching helps you intentionally move forward with clarity on what you want for the next phase of your life.

You’ve been successful at function but now are transitioning to a higher level; one with new responsibilities, to lead your organization to a better place. PointAbove can help you build skills to set a vision so that others may chart the course; building a confident and influential perspective, and cultivating your executive presence to communicate and inspire others.

Breaking the cycle of codependency (letting another person’s behavior affect you negatively or an obsession with controlling other’s behavior) and establishing boundaries that define who you are (and who you’re not) while bringing new health and effectiveness to your pursuits.

Team Development

PointAbove is the perfect partner for encouraging and developing your team’s talent. We offer full workshop facilitation and support services including instructors, facilitators, quality books, videos, and interactive course presentations – each customized to address the particular goals, needs and challenges of your organization. We also administer a full suite of assessment tools to establish meaningful metrics, clearly communicate expectations, and concretely set actionable plans. From individual modules to a full turn-key experience (and everything in between), we’ll make your event a success. 

Facilitation / Hosting

We know what it takes to execute first class seminars, workshops, conferences, and other types of meetings. We’ve spent years establishing relationships with hotels, equipment rental companies, caterers, convention and conference centers, promotional firms, entertainers and more. We know from experience where to get the best deal and how to execute a successful meeting within your budget.

Or Maybe You’re Looking For Something More…

No worries. We’ve got you covered. Bring us your biggest idea – batting practice at your favorite ballpark, 4-wheel Navigation in a National Park, rope-team-travel on a glacier, summiting a major peak, learning to scuba dive on a remote island – you’ll be surprised what we’ve done and can do.

At PointAbove, we don’t have a standardized “10-step program for success” – (frankly, if that worked, you could just read a book). Instead, we take a look at the “whole you” – not just the parts you or your organization want us to see. We create individualized programs just for you based on your life experiences and challenges along with your organization, its culture and your specific working relationships – all the dynamic parts contributing to your current situation. 

To see what working with us might look like for you or your organization, please