… one that offers too much potential to be tethered by routine or trapped by ordinary.  We don’t do ordinary.

We’re Explorers who believe that you can choose to be consumed by modern day living or you can choose instead to challenge it. Together, we’re reaching for a PointAbove.

In addition to hosting this virtual “base-camp,” we provide Individual, Team and Group Coaching along with Meaningful Adventures – all with a single purpose:

Helping Others Live More of the Life They Want to be Living

Be an Explorer

In one way or another, we’re all seeking more adventure. Some of us step up boldly and engage the unknown. Some require more encouragement. Either is fine by us because we view exploration as the link between who we are and who we long to be.

Meaningful Adventure provides an opportunity to both ground us in what matters most while also embracing new experiences. And those who are willing to share in exploring our world often feel or even discover new aspects of themselves.

PointAbove Explorers are cool. They have dirty boots and the best stories. They experience others without judgment and are not fearful or easily hurt. Best of all, they live their lives with fewer constraints or boundaries – old memories, wounds, and conditioning have lost their grip – and they enjoy an inner sense of freedom.

             The Explorer’s life is calling.
                                                 We’ve got room for you…


After 20+ years in business and as a corporate executive, I was meeting most any definition of success... except one. I wasn't happy. And when I looked in the mirror, all I could see in myself was what was wrong. So I walked away from it all and began searching for meaning and purpose.

PointAbove is my virtual home - a place where I share my experiences and what I continue to learn - and you're welcome to be a part of it!