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Live Life to the Fullest with an Adventure Vacation

Where would you be without a little adventure in your life?

We have a tendency to be very repetitious. We get up in the morning, go to work, come home and eventually go to bed after dinner and television. It’s basically the same thing every day. We are comfortable in a boring routine.

But this isn’t really living. We don’t take risks and we have no sense of adventure. It is important that we live our lives with a little adventure. If not, we aren’t living our lives to the fullest.

In other words, we become our best selves and grow as humans when we go out and enjoy new adventures. If that isn’t motivation enough to book an adventure vacation with PointAbove then check out these other reasons you need a little adventure in your life.

You Will Enjoy Long-Term Happiness

Research shows that people who enjoy new experiences are more likely to retain positive feelings compared to those who don’t indulge in new experiences. In addition, even small, seemingly insignificant new experiences can have an impact on our happiness in a positive way. That moment you let out a spontaneous laugh will give you a good memory and happy emotions.

Adventures Change How We Experience Time

We are willing to bet that in the last month you have mentioned on at least one occasion how fast time flies by. You said that it just seems like Christmas was just a few weeks ago or that you are surprised that it is already halfway through summer.

Part of the reason why time seems to speed on by is that we live rather predictable and routine lives. You work for five days and get two off, of which you spend your weekends running errands and cleaning house.

The best way to slow down the perception of time is by interrupting your regular schedule. Once your everyday flow is disrupted, you view time in a completely different manner.

Sharing Adventures Makes Them Even Better

One study found that when you share your adventure experience with another person, the enjoyment level is amplified.

You Need to Try Something New

We tend to default to the familiar. For whatever reason, we have become wired to keep doing things we are comfortable in or familiar with. In the process of living our predictable and, yes, boring lives, our minds tend to turn to mush.

Less than half of all Americans can’t even remember the last time they attempted to take an adventure. That needs to change.

We Dream About Adventures All the Time

There are those moments when you stop staring at your computer monitor, close your eyes and consider how much fun it would be sitting on a beach, watching the waves and sipping a fruity beverage. But then we open our eyes and continue typing the email.

Many of you are guilty of not taking all of your allotted vacation time. Shame on you. There are places you want to go and adventures you would like to experience, you have to go to them because they are not coming to you.

Call PointAbove and book your adventure vacation.





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