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Signs You Need a New Job

Signs You Need a New Job

Every job comes with its rough patches. Maybe you have to deal with a new manager or business slows and you have to scramble to keep busy. Perhaps business is very good, which is great news, but it also means you have to work longer hours and it causes some stress.

There are many situations that cause you to question how much you enjoy what you do for a living. These situations may make your job harder, but not necessarily worse. And then there are people who just plain hate their jobs. It is important that you are able to tell the difference.

You don’t want to quit a job that you really do enjoy just because things are a little tough at the moment. But it is also a bad idea to stick with a job that you really do hate. So how do you know if you truly hate your job? Here are a few signs.

Your Job Consumes You

What really stinks about being in a job you hate is that it consumes your every waking moment. You might not have to deal with phone calls or emails when you are at home, but you always have a nagging thought that is work-related in your head at all times.

Basically, you reach a point where you cannot unplug from work and it prevents you from enjoying your life. If you are fretting over work, even on Friday and Saturday nights, then it might be time to move on.

Outside Interests No Longer Excite You

The things you used to do outside work no longer offer the joy they once did. This could be for any number of reasons, including depression or lack of energy, but whatever the reason, it’s a sign something is not right in your life.

If the joy from outside activities is gone because you work too much or aren’t happy with your job, you need to change things up.

It’s Been a Long Time Since You Got a Raise

As you know, money isn’t everything, but without it, it is hard to make a mortgage payment or buy that new car you desire.

Beyond that, it is really hard to feel appreciated when your paycheck has been rather stale for an extended period of time. Thanks to inflation, if you aren’t getting regular raises, you are actually making less than you were just a couple of years ago.

You Turn to Cake and Vodka

You are eating much more comfort foods lately and washing it down with a nightcap or four every night. In the meantime, you no longer go to the gym, or walk the dog or do anything healthy, really. You can’t even recall the last time you actually ate a vegetable. If your vices have multiplied, it might be a sign that you need a new job.

You Can’t Think

Hating your job takes a lot of energy. It is much easier to give a home or work project your full attention when you aren’t engaged in hating something. If you loathe work, it takes away your ability to concentrate on other tasks in your life.

People are Tired of Listening to You

Everybody gripes about work from time to time and it never really hurts anyone. But if you are spending way too much time complaining about work and people are growing tired of it, perhaps you need to move on. Spending too much time venting about your job is a bad thing and a sign that you need greener pastures.

You Aren’t as Good Anymore

You are a little less engaged in your work lately and it shows because you have become less effective. You are also making mistakes that you would never ordinarily make. These are both sins that you are losing your edge and you might want to consider a change.

You Feel Pain

Your appetite has changed, you are suffering aches and pains and you get headaches more frequently, which could have to do with any number of things. Nevertheless, these are the physical symptoms of depression and could be caused by your job.

These are all red flags that could indicate it is time to seek new employment. It’s time to reach a point above! You’re Adventure Awaits. Learn more at pointabove.com.








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