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Signs You Need An Adventure Vacation

If you are sitting there right now racking your brain trying to think of the last time you took a vacation, then you are probably overdue for one.

It is very unfortunate that a large number of workers in the United States forego their paid time off. They often refuse to take a vacation because they feel guilty about taking time off work. How silly is that? Research shows that over half of working Americans have done longer than a year without taking a vacation.

The importance of taking an adventure vacation cannot be understated.

PointAbove is not just a travel company, we are a company that will offer you an extraordinary experience. We believe that the challenges faced on an adventure vacation will help you discover the type of person you are. You will experience an epiphany.

But you can’t have this incredible experience and this awakening unless you give us a call and book your adventure vacation.

Perhaps you are one of the millions of workers who feel guilty about taking a vacation. Perhaps you just can’t justify taking a vacation. Whatever your reason for not calling and booking an adventure vacation, it’s a bad reason.

We all need a break from the office every once in awhile. And here are some telltale signs that you need to take a vacation.

Every Small Issue Turns Into a Huge Problem

Nobody likes fielding the mistakes of others, but you usually handle the task at hand rather well. A positive attitude is always key. Most days you are a rock star.

But then you fall into this rut and everything goes south real quick. It’s not just the big problems that are a concern, even the small obstacles prove to be more than you can handle. If things are getting difficult to wade through and you are getting testier with coworkers, it’s a sure sign you need an adventure vacation.

You are Making Mistakes

Chronic stress is a well-known cause of workplace errors. It’s a huge sign that you need to step back and take a long break.

If you are in the middle of a project and keep slipping up, finish things up and arrange to take some time off for an adventure vacation. If not, the mistakes will only continue and may even get worse.

You are in Physical Pain

When you come under pressure and are feeling stressed, your brain releases stress hormones as a fight-or-flight response to whatever is the cause of your stress. But over time, this seemingly benign physiological consequence will increase your blood pressure and can lead to symptoms like chest pain, eye strain and headaches.

The simple solution is to take time off and take a vacation.

You Have Trouble Sleeping

The same stress hormone that makes your body hurt also keeps you from getting a good night’s sleep. It’s difficult enough getting to sleep some nights, chronic stress makes it so much worse.

Do yourself a favor and take a vacation.

Nothing Exciting Happens in Your Life

You haven’t posted anything on Facebook or other social media sites because nothing worthy has happened in your life for several months.

It’s not that your life has turned super boring, it is that you spend so much time at work that you come home exhausted and never do anything fun. You don’t have a life because you aren’t living your life the way you should.

So take time off and take a vacation.

In fact, at the end of this article, reach for your phone and give PointAbove a call. It’s a move you won’t regret.

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