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Travel Adventures Help Relieve Stress

Stress isn’t just something that happens without consequence. The effects of stress are far-reaching and every part of your body will be affected, which is actually pretty scary.

Simply put, stress is how your body deals with a situation that could be dangerous. When there is a real or perceived threat, the brain releases a flood of hormones that increase blood flow, heart rate and more. Inherently, stress is not bad for you, it is a biological response designed to help your escape threats. In a perfect world, you would suffer episodes of stress and then your body would return to normal.

However, we don’t live in an ideal world.

In the less-than-ideal world we live in, your cell phone keeps going off reminding you that you have work emails to answer, kids to text and phone messages to listen to. And it doesn’t stop when you go home in the evening.

When you get home, you have a dentist appointment to keep, a kid to pick up from soccer practice and dinner to make. But you need to stop at the grocery store first to pick up food for dinner. Of course, this is after you stop at the dry cleaners to pick up a couple of work shirts.

So just what happens to your body when you suffer chronic stress? You would be surprised. PointAbove, the organizer of travel adventures, offers ways stress ruins your life.


Ruins Your Sleep

You don’t need anybody to tell you that it is bad if you can’t get a good night’s sleep. When you suffer stress, you wind up in a vicious cycle in which you can’t turn off the worries and anxieties in your head and you wind up tossing and turning all night long.

The scary part about sleep deprivation is that it can lead to some pretty significant health conditions including diabetes, obesity and heart problems.

Bad for Your Heart

During episodes of stress, your body is flooded with adrenaline, which just happens to increase blood pressure and heart rate. So when you are under constant stress, you suffer high blood pressure and an increased heart rate.

Although the reasons aren’t quite clear, we do know that chronic stress raises your risk of heart disease.

Wrecks Your Immune System

People who suffer chronic stress are reported to have more colds and suffer other sickness more than those who have their stress under control.

It Triggers Depression

Depression can be caused by a number of factors, and stress is one of them. Chronic inflammation appears to play a role in the onset of depression and chronic stress causes inflammation.

Wreaks Havoc on Your Hormones

Stress release some hormones and suppresses others, which wreaks havoc on your body over time.

Bad Choices

When your hormones are running rampant and you can’t get enough sleep, you tend to make poor choices when it comes to the foods you eat. Instead of grabbing an apple, you are more likely to grab a donut.

One way to beat stress is by taking a vacation. And the best vacations are adventure trips from PointAbove. Contact us today for details.

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