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Every business is faced with challenges and opportunities.

How you choose to respond to them will not only determine the mid- to long-term success of your organization, but also define the way your employees see themselves participating in the future.

We help shape our clients’ future by providing extensive strategic insight, tactical business knowledge, and leadership excellence. Most importantly, we recognize that success ultimately depends upon the people that makeup and surround your endeavors – stakeholders, executives, managers, employees, vendors, partners, clients and customers. We work hard to understand them with all their promise & idiosyncrasies, hopes & fears, competencies & quirks – and we place great emphasis on finding solutions that promote favorable organizational and individual behavior. 

Our goal is to be a reliable component of our clients’ business, whether the aim is to complete a transition, secure a partner, integrate operations, increase productivity, or launch a new venture. We do this by positively affecting organizational culture; promoting good habits and healthy interactions, then sustain the change by teaching people how to best exhibit the behaviors that they want others to mimic.  

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Strategic Themes

Helping leaders define and pursue a cogent strategy by setting priorities, focusing energy and resources, strengthening operations, establishing agreement around outcomes, and working towards common goals. Whether a start-up or decades-old operation, PointAbove assists your key personnel in decisions and actions that shape organizational identity – what it is, who it serves, what it does, and why it does it – all with an eye towards the future.  

Focus Areas: competitive advantage, performance improvement, transition management, business focus area, start-up design, M&A and operational integration planning.

Tactical Themes

We provide the insights necessary to better assess opportunities, identify gaps, and develop the most affective path forward to achieve results. We’re on a mission to make the world better by building better workplaces – places that empower people to do more, achieve more, and live more of the life that they want to live. Recent projects include conducting needs analysis, strategic planning and goal setting, meeting facilitation, and imparting skills that contribute to strategic direction.

Focus Areas: product/service launch, digital & social marketing, internal & external communications, engagement & retention, cultural change, interview & key hire assistance.