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How Should HR Handle Employees With Controversial Political Views?

HR and Employees with Political Views
In today's world, opinions about political matters are practically everywhere. One place they shouldn't dominate, however, is the workplace. Here are some of the basics that HR employees should know about handling political disputes. Why Do Overly Political Employees Present a Problem? An employee who holds a controversial political opinion isn't a problem by necessity....

Business Partnerships: How Conflicting Cultures Can Hamper Success

Ketchup & Pancakes

One of the enjoyable components of advising organizations is observing meetings. Unfortunately, some of the most painful experiences occur there as well. This morning was more the later. Regrouping in the breakroom, I filled my coffee cup as Phil boiled water for tea. “Thoughts?” I asked. “Ketchup and pancakes,” he replied. I couldn’t have agreed…

How Active Listening Improves Workplace Performance

Active Listening

You subconsciously know when people actively listen to you. They give you their full attention, and you feel respected. On such occasions, you easily get your message across because others don’t just hear you, they understand your words. If they aren’t sure what you’ve said, they ask for clarification. As such, there’s no misunderstanding, and…

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