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Think Twice Before You Take That Counteroffer

Taking the Counteroffer
You successfully navigated sneaking off to job interviews while keeping your full-time schedule and came back with an offer in hand. But now instead of wishing you luck, your manager is suddenly paying attention to you – making the counteroffer with additional perks and a pay raise to stay. What should you do? Is Your Current Employer Just Buying Time? Losing an employee can send a department into a lurch, especially when there's already too much work to go around. When you tell your employer you're leaving, they may start to think about the remaining employees losing morale as they have to cover for you or about how much work just won't get done. But there may be more than operational concerns at play. Allowing...

Reputation at Risk? How to Deal With Bad Online Reviews From Job Applicants

Reputation Risk
As a Senior Manager or Business Owner, you’re likely already familiar with the impact social media has on influence marketing. Literally billions of dollars have been spent promoting an organizational voice, establishing relationships with target markets, and heralding brand identities. Because your reputation is always at risk. When it comes to individual user experiences and interactions – social media has proven useful in establishing the performance and credibility from positive reviews. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. Your organizational identity can suffer from online reviews if the comments posted are negative criticism from those who have an otherwise dissatisfying experience with your organization. Just typing that sentence reminded me of one my favorite examples – and while this story involving a customer is often easily...

How Should HR Handle Employees With Controversial Political Views?

HR and Employees with Political Views
In today's world, opinions about political matters are practically everywhere. One place they shouldn't dominate, however, is the workplace. Here are some of the basics that HR employees should know about handling political disputes. Why Do Overly Political Employees Present a Problem? An employee who holds a controversial political opinion isn't a problem by necessity. The problem arises when that employee discusses his or her views at length in the workplace, often making other workers uncomfortable in the process. At that point, political conversations between that employee and others can disrupt the normal flow of business. Though most political controversies at work will only produce minor problems, some can get out of hand. One of the most prominent recent examples of major disruptions caused by...

How to Stop Worry from Limiting Your Life

How to Stop Worry
There's no doubt about it – there's a lot to worry about in the world today. Our mobile tech reminders, news apps, and social media feeds allow every dysfunctional aspect of life and the world to hover only a few keystrokes, clicks or touches away. You worry about the outcome of current events when you can't foresee the future. You worry about things that haven't happened yet and may never happen. You worry about things you invent in your own mind that don't necessarily have any basis in reality. You live in a near constant, low-grade state of overwhelm that influences most everything that you do. As an advisor and success coach, I frequently encounter worry issues – thoughts that can produce a sense of...
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