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Avoid Burnout with these Actionable Steps

Avoid Work Burnout

There comes a time in everyone’s work life when they consider a career change. Perhaps they feel stuck in one industry, or feel burned out from the past decade of work. So what can you do today to relieve some of the stress felt when considering a career change?

How to Know

Knowing when you’re ready for a career change can be challenging decision to make. There are times when work can just going through a slump and your unhappiness can dissipate shortly. But there are also times when you are completely burned out and need to make a change for your sanity’s sake. When work life begins to interfere with your personal life and creates an unhappy mental state, it may be time to consider your options. So what are the options when it comes to avoiding burnout and career changes? Below are a few ways to tackle work stresses.

Taking Action

There are different strategies you can implement to help deal with work stress. One powerful method is exercise. Exercise releases chemicals into the brain that stimulate the feeling that we know as “happiness.” Serotonin and dopamine are common “feel good” chemicals that can help to balance out stress. In addition to physical exercise, mental exercise is a great way to ease stresses. Meditation, including but not limited to, walking meditations, sitting meditations, breathing meditations, are all different ways to slow down and focus on the present moment. Often with burnout or unhappiness at work, it is simple to forget to take care of our minds when we are stressed about bills, the assignments, and the deadlines. Work becomes a chore, and not an enjoyment. Practicing meditation and mindfulness helps people focus on the tiny details and pull pleasure from the examination of the environment. Check out my blog post on focus and how it helps calm anxieties and relieve stress here.


Work Happiness

There are so many people that look in the mirror and ask themselves “Is this really what I want to be doing with my life?” Apple founder Steve Jobs said that he asked himself this question every morning and if the answer was “No” for too long, he would change paths. A group of philosophers believe that the key to life is pleasure and happiness. If net pleasure minus net pain is not a positive number, then a person is unhappy. Thus, to lead a fulfilling life, we must surround ourselves with pleasures. So, ask yourself, am I happy with the work I am doing, with my co-workers, how I feel at the end of the day? Do I get pleasure from seeing my clients happy and from the work that I produce? If you are working toward something you desire, even if the work is tough or time-consuming, at the end of the day it can be rewarding and provide fulfillment. So, when considering a career change, it is key to examine your personal happiness both in and out of the office.

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