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6 Ways of Living More Mindfully


Slow Down – Often our lives are filled with event after event. Meeting after meeting. Errand after errand. We are running here and there, and doing this and that and often forget the little things which just makes our day just that much harder. Whether it’s a report at work, or a bag at the grocery, things always seem to slip through the cracks. One method to avoid letting these things slip through the cracks is to slow down. Spending an extra 15 minutes in the office to tidy up, or organize your notes, or even clean out the mini-fridge may seem frivolous, but it could be during that time that you realized you forgot to email a client back or you come up with an idea to improve your business. Allowing your brain to wander a bit because you are taking things slower can be very beneficial to getting where you want to go faster.

Monotask – Taking things one at a time is essential to living a more mindful lifestyle. Overcrowding your brain will not allow your body to complete any task ask well as you possibly can. Einstein once said, “Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.” It is proven that multitasking is bad for work ethic and will impede your productivity. Do one thing at a time, for a set amount of time or until it is finished, then swiftly move onto the next one thing.

Observe– Whether you’re at the grocery store, waiting in a line that is taking forever, or on a phone call with a client or friend, listening to them talk and talk can be tiresome. Often we lose attention, drift and can even become angry because we feel like our time is being wasted. It is during these times it is most essential to focus and observe. It is the tiny words, body language and actions that we pickup that help us better understand our fellow humans during this time. Pay attention to the smallest most minute details, and you will begin to deeper understand human psychology. You’ll also begin to notice the behavior in others and appreciate it when you’re the one doing the talking.

Don’t Judge – While observing these tiny details, doesn’t mean we have to pass judgments. If we do judge the details, we reject the possibility that we can learn something from them. We link emotions from the past with actions in the present and allow those to have an effect on how we perceive the present moment, and thus the world. Not judging opens the mind and the heart up to the world saying “I have all the capacity that there is always something to learn.”

Live in the Moment – Easier said than done, I know, but certainly achievable. Not allowing past emotions to dictate your responses to actions in the present is common. How many times have you heard someone comment on the “baggage” someone brings from a past relationship? They may be scared of speaking up in public because a former partner would embarrass them by fighting publicly, so they are timid and build resentment. Allowing as little baggage from the past to come into the present is vital to living in the moment. It can keep our emotions in line, but most importantly, it will give us more space to truly experience the present moment.

Breathe – Do not forget to breathe. While slowing down, monotasking, observing, not judging, and living in the moment it is essential to maintain a constant, stable breath. Breath is a great control of the mind and body, and thus keeping a stable breath, helps us keep a relaxed, open mind, free from anxiety and hyperactivity. Living with your eyes wide open and your lungs at full capacity is vital to living more mindfully.

Simple 1st Step: Just stop for a second. Take a deep breath right now. Hold it in for 3 seconds. Then push it out from the abdomen letting of all the air inside of you. Repeat this a few times throughout the day for a more relaxed and open minded being. 

just breathe

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