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Personal Development Coaching and Happiness

The only consistent thing in life is change. The more you resist change, the tougher life becomes. If you are skilled at deflecting change in your life, then you already know this. We are surrounded by change and it is the one thing that will make the most impact on your life. You cannot avoid it because it will find you and it will challenge you and force you to take a closer look at how you live your life.

Change comes about in many forms. Sometimes change happens because of a crisis, by chance or it comes about because of the choices we make. Either way, it forces us to make the choice of changing or not changing. Better said: Change is going to happen so you can either choose to go with the flow or fight it and suffer.

Our point is that change challenges the complacency of our lives and makes us realize there are things we just cannot control. This can bring you down if you dwell on it. What you can focus on is changing the things you have more control over. PointAbove, offering personal development coaching, offers things you can do that will change your life for the good.

Enjoy Learning

You should be learning something new each day. Each time you learn something new, you not only gain that knowledge, but you also build confidence as well. Learning helps us become more creative and makes us better to adapt to new situations. We also become more comfortable with the unknown.

One great way to learn new things is by reading. To fully embrace the joy of learning, you should be reading a lot of books.

Live in the Moment

The grass is not always greener on the other side. Sometimes, we think that we will never be truly happy until we acquire certain things or reach certain financial goals. And while these things might make you happy, you must consider what makes you happy right here and right now. For example, reading a good book makes you happy, finishing a project at work successfully makes you happy and chocolate cake makes you very happy. There are so many things that bring you joy every day and you need to stop and appreciate that. You also need to realize when you are happy and enjoy the moment.

Accept Who You Are

In life, you will have to face rejection and there will be people who don’t like you a whole lot. You are just going to have to deal with that. Wishing that you could be a better person will only lead to discontent and unhappiness. Do something crazy and brave if it feels right and creates a life you love.

Overcome Fears

Ignoring your fears won’t make them go away. If you want positive changes to happen in your life, you must learn to master your fears and keep them from controlling your life. It is fear that stops us from living life to the fullest. If you are feeling disconnected, discontent dissatisfied and unfulfilled, then you know fear is controlling your life.

The best way to deal with your fears is to hit them at full force and work through them.

Lead a Well-Balanced Life

Your health with change over the course of your lifetime. You will change physically, emotionally and spiritually as you get older. You can’t control this, but what you can control is what you feed your body and your mind.

Living a healthy and balanced life helps build up resistance to the physical and physiological changes that happen.

No Regrets

Have any regrets in life? If so, they are likely holding you back. Regrets are events that happened in the past and if you spend time thinking about them, you wind up missing out on the present and the future. You have no control over what has happened in the past, you can only control what happens in the present and the future.

Set Goals

Think about what your dream life looks like and put forth a great effort to achieve that goal. Having meaning in your life sets the direction you want to go and gives you a purpose.

We love one-on-one coaching and give it priority over everything else that we do and offer. Contact PointAbove for details.






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