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3 Powerful Ways to Be Happy in Life

3 Powerful Ways to Be Happy in Life

Are you searching for ways to be happy in life? Use these 3 powerful habits to reset your outlook from negativity to positivity. Turn your mental frown upside down and enjoy each day just as it is.

Eliminate Expectations

A quick way to become unhappy is to develop expectations about people and your life circumstances. It’s rarely the actions of others or the situations you find yourself in that make you unhappy; it’s the thoughts that you have about them that cause the misery.

For example, if you expect your best friend to have infinite time for you, to always remember your birthday, and to call you every day, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. (and can we just admit together that your friend isn’t going to be any better at these things than you are). Why expect things from other people that you might find difficult to do yourself?

As nice as it would be to know why this is, knowing why really isn’t all that important. The road to happiness begins by sinply noticing the stories that we tell ourselves that result in feelings of unhappiness. Limiting your internal narrative (or better yet, getting rid of it altogether) by definition, reduces unhappiness. Let go of the judgment that is weighing you down and you’ll find greater appreciation for those in your life.

Grow Your Gratitude Muscle

This one may be more familiar to you – it’s a popular meme on your social media feed (and no, we’re not going to post it again) – but there’s great truth behind this simple message: Practice an “attitude of gratitude.”

The easiest way to develop more gratitude is to make it a specific, intentional practice. Take a few minutes each morning to list several things that you appreciate. It could be three, or five, or as many as you can list. The number doesn’t matter. The practice of doing this resets your mental process from negative to positive. It will redirect the pattern of your daily activities.

You can also engage this method at other times of the day. My wife sets a “gratitude alarm” on her phone to off twice a day to help enforce this habit. So if you feel yourself drifting into negativity, just take an intentional pause and review an impromptu list of people and things in your life that you value. You can take this practice farther by adding something new during each session. At the close of the day, use this positive approach instead of reliving your regrets. It will set you on a continuous cycle of happiness and positivity.

Spend Time in Your Sweet Spot

If your day seems filled with an endless stream of dreary chores that suck the life out of you, it’s time to find your sweet spot. Insert some time doing something you enjoy to recharge.

Everyone has hobbies, passions, or pastimes that make them feel like all is well in the world. These are the things that speak to your heart and lift your soul. It is vital to your well-being that you engage these processes as often as possible. Even if it means carving time out of a schedule that you feel is already chock full.

If you neglect the things that make you resonate and feel alive, you will eventually become bitter and burnt out. It’s not worth having an empty “to-do” list if you are ready to have a breakdown for lack of nurturing your spirit. That’s not success. Care for your inner self, and you will be happy without even trying.

If you implement these 3 potent ways to be happy in life, you will find a difference in how you experience your daily activities. People and events will take on a new and positive light.

Got other ideas to build or support your happiness? Share them in the comments below.


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