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Career Coach and Types of People at the Office

If you are a part of the workforce, you know that everybody in your office has their own characteristics. Of course, not all of them are necessarily good. Behind every computer monitor is a person with a uniqueness that makes them different from everybody else. There are also people behind these computer monitors who are less unique and can be grouped into a category called types of people you find in every office.

You might be standing at the water cooler happily hydrating your body when the office gossip waltzed over and is eager to give you the lowdown on information recently obtained while taking a bathroom break. It’s just one of the many types of people you have to deal with at the office every day.

You can let these types of people bring you down, or you can learn how to best deal with them. A career coach can help. PointAbove presents the types of people you have to deal with at the office.

The Overdresser

It is the middle of the summer and you are suffering an intense heat wave with temperatures hovering in the triple digits. Yet, overdressed person shows up to work wearing a three-piece suit with a cashmere sweater to boot. You imagine they are also wearing wool socks.

You see, overdressed person is all about how well they look, not for their clients or just for the sake of looking nice and professional, but how good they look in the eyes of the boss. You are sweating in a short-sleeved shirt and ready to lose the tie, and overdressed person is trying to show you up.

The Bathroom Talker

The office restroom is a sacred place with rules that everybody needs to know about. One of the more important rules of the office restroom is not to engage in conversation while people are enjoying a moment of inner peace and serenity. There is also a widespread understanding among office workers globally that approaching someone in the bathroom, especially in a stall, is a definite no-no.

Small talk at the sink is barely tolerated. Cell phone use in the company restroom is as bad as making unwanted eye contact and totally unacceptable. Yet, there are people who ignore these rules and ruin bathroom breaks for millions of people worldwide.

The Noisemaker

These are the jolly coworkers who give you a headache and make you discover just how evil your thoughts can be.

Noisemakers create a nuisance by whistling, humming and drumming at their desk with pencils. Here is the thing, they don’t seem to realize that they are disturbing others by making these irritating sounds that echo through the office.

The Timekeeper

The timekeeper knows exactly how long you were out for lunch or how long it took you to grab a drink of water and take a bathroom break. As you settle into your seat after lunch, they will inevitably lean over to you and say, “Long lunch, eh?”

The timekeeper somehow manages to keep track of when everybody comes in, when they leave and when they break for lunch. Of course, when they come in late or take a long lunch, they have the perfect excuse as to why.

The Gossiper

Page three of The Sun and your aunt’s Facebook page have nothing on the office gossiper. There are times you put up with the office gossiper because otherwise, things might get dull and boring. They are the spoon that stirs the pot and are the ones who deliver juicy bits of news in a sea of work-related information.

The Hypochondriac

Don’t even think about sneezing or coughing anywhere near this person. If you do, you can expect them to stick you in quarantine. These types of coworkers are never seen without hand sanitizer and they view themselves as the last defense against germs.

If you talk with them, the subject of health issues will inevitably come up. And you can bet they have a long list of health issues they are more than happy to fill you in on.

You can expect that they will call in sick at least once a month.

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