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Texas Strong: Hurricane Harvey

We are high and dry with no storm damage to report following Hurricane Harvey’s landfall.

Thanks to everyone for the phone calls, texts, emails, and social media posts Рchecking on us and making kind offers of support.  The comfort of being thought of is more than we can adequately express here.

However, as evidenced by the near-continuous media coverage, not everyone was as fortunate as we were. Equally as evident is the care that people are expressing for one another… regardless of the differences that only days ago were so conveniently used to separate us.

It’s true, we live in a dynamic universe – one that is sometimes at odds with our dreams, our wishes and our desires. And yet we remain open and able to take refuge in one another.¬†Unbeaten by rain, unbeaten by wind, we will each rebound, rebuild and carry on… together.

Please join us in offering continued compassion and equanimity to those who are facing loss. We’re going to take a brief break from the blog to assist both our clients and our community. Please stay tuned…


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