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PointAbove is the perfect partner for encouraging and developing your team’s talent. We offer full workshop facilitation and support services including instructors, facilitators, quality books, videos, and interactive course presentations. PointAbove also administers a full suite of assessment tools to establish meaningful metrics, clearly communicate expectations, and concretely set actionable plans. And the support doesn’t stop when the workshop ends – PointAbove also provides ongoing, individual and team, post-workshop coaching and consulting.

Even with the best map on hand, Explorers still require skills and tools to find their way. And the first step to travel in the right direction when visibility is limited (i.e. always), to navigate around obstacles (and get back on track), or to simply locate yourself relative to success is Finding North.

Finding North is a powerful, highly-interactive workshop that addresses the connection between group culture and performance. Our strategies will help your team recognize their own patterns and limiting behavior, clarify their values and visions, and refocus their control and measurable performance. 

Although each workshop is customized to fit your organization’s specific challenges and goals, here are the key modules we utilize:

Module 1. Option A: Workplace Codependency?

A codependent person is one who has let another person’s behavior (or the behavior of an organization) affect his or her ability to contentedly perform, and who is obsessed with controlling the behavior of others.

The heart of codependency (and the key to recovery) lies not in the other person – no matter how much we want to believe it does. It lies in ourselves, in the way we let other people’s behavior affect us, and in the ways we try to affect them. If frustration, dissatisfaction, anger, suffering in loud silence, tolerance of the bizarre, constant low-grade unhappiness, and diminishing self-worth bordering on hatred sounds familiar, this is the Option for you.

Module 1. Option B: GroupThink?

Groupthink occurs when the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in irrational, dysfunctional, and ineffective decision-making.

Whether there’s a complex project looming or you just want your organization to get better at dealing with day-to-day issues, your team can achieve much more when they solve problems and make decisions together. In this module we present a scenario that requires each person to analyze information, negotiate and cooperate with others, and utilize problem-solving skills. To address potential imbalances, we introduce the Stepladder Technique, highlight listening skills, and begin identifying how the group makes decisions.

Module 2: Commitment (or "What Really Matters to Us")?

This module sets the foundation for Agency by demonstrating the impact our personal values have on our commitment to the organization. Together we begin to identify what matters most to us individually and collectively, create context on how they inform our actions, and improve our ability to communicate what’s actually going on. Frequently reviewed as one of the most impactful exercises in the program, Commitment provides immediate context for identifying what the organization’s culture is really like (and creates consensus on those areas needing some improvement).

Module 3: Agency (aka: “Point B and How We Get There From Here”)?

The heart of credibility is “doing what you say,” and this module identifies specific, visible actions your team can take to model their Commitments. Together we explore the power of calendars, critical incidents, stories, language, measurements, and rewards to help us all stay on course.

Module 4: New Frontiers?

This powerfully insightful module combines images and dialog with one or more framing questions (specific to your organization’s situation, challenges, or goals) to identify boundaries, unknown elements, and hidden assumptions. Our technique allows people to disconnect from their individual constraints (“baggage”) for a moment while remaining engaged in conversational problem-solving; making them more able to perceive, handle, and create ideas. Together we explore complex topics from a variety of perspectives, helping your team understand the context, habits, and views that surround the decisions they make.

In short, Finding North is much more than a memorable event; enabling individuals and groups to move from where they are to where they want to be. 


  • Builds direction, alignment, and commitment
  • Encourages fun, engaging yet serious dialog
  • Clarifies and communicates mission, vision, and values
  • Draws attention to details and the “the big picture”
  • Surfaces individual and group assumptions
  • Provokes new questions
  • Generates alternatives
  • Builds on ideas
  • Bridges different contexts, cultures, and generational gaps
  • Creates new metaphors
  • Encourages sharing of perspectives in a way that leads to the construction of new perspectives
  • Makes self-disclosure and vulnerability safe
  • Taps into personal experiences and passions
  • Helps individuals and groups get unstuck
  • Helps frame and illustrate thoughts so they can be shared

The Work of Leaders

Vision, Alignment & Execution

The most actionable, 1-day leadership workshop available today.

The work that leaders do – the work that really matters – boils down to three fundamental responsibilities: They craft a vision, they build alignment, and they champion execution. Of course, there is a lot of skill that goes into each of these responsibilities – and that’s exactly what the Work of Leaders is all about.

Built around a personalized online assessment that in turn generates a personalized Work of Leaders Profile, this workshop helps learners evaluate their current performance in 9 drivers of effective leadership – distilling leadership best practices into a simple, compelling process that helps leaders of all levels get immediate results. 

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We know what it takes to execute first class seminars, workshops, conferences, and other types of meetings. We’ve spent years establishing relationships with hotels, equipment rental companies, caterers, convention and conference centers, promotional firms, entertainers and more. We know from experience where to get the best deal and how to execute a successful meeting within your budget.

… Or Maybe You’re Looking for Something More?

No worries. We’ve got you covered. Bring us your biggest idea – batting practice at your favorite ballpark, 4-wheel Navigation in a National Park, rope-team-travel on a glacier, summiting a major peak, learning to scuba dive on a remote island – you’ll be surprised what we’ve done and can do.