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Running a business puts a lot on your plate. Managing email, replying to inquiries, answering questions, servicing customers, gathering metrics, and maintaining financial records are all examples of tasks necessary for success – but none of them are the reason you started your business.
Completing routine business tasks consume more than just your time – they steal your focus and creativity. At PointAbove, our assistants take specific tasks off your plate, removing stress, relieving productivity bottlenecks and helping you get your time back.

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VA Services:

Customer Service

Is dealing with customers eating up to much time that you could otherwise be using to create products or services, manage your feeds, or operate your business (or life)? No worries, we have experience:

  • Onboarding new clients (this could also include creating personalized welcome packets);
  • Responding to recurring customer inquiries (including creating canned email responses or an FAQ page with the answers to the most common questions);
  • Regularly checking in with long-term clients (ensuring they’re still satisfied with what they’re getting;
  • Dealing with customer complaints and refund requests.

Email Management

Spending too much time reading and responding to emails? Is your inbox out of control? We can fix that by: 

  • Setting up a system for labeling, replying or filing incoming emails;
  • Setting up automatic filters;
  • Forwarding messages to other team members;
  • Drafting replies to frequently asked questions;
  • Implement and maintain Inbox Zero.


Bookkeeping it’s not an easy chore, especially for someone oriented more toward the strategic and creative side of business, and less toward staring at numbers on a screen. Recording bills, invoices, payments, and keeping track of the general financial well-being of a business are all critical tasks. Let our trusted assistants help you in:

  • Generating invoices and following up in case of non-payment;
  • Making sure bills are paid on time;
  • Issuing refunds;
  • Preparing balance sheets;
  • Reconciling bank and credit card statements;
  • Documenting your quarterly or annual taxes;
  • Maintaining financial data.

How We Work:

PointAbove is a completely custom virtual agency. We don’t have any pre-determined packages or service bundles – which means you only pay for what you need
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